Today, Monday, February 18, 2019

TrustReport Launches Product and Service Search Index for Consumers

TrustReport (, a unique business research site that allows consumers to explore a company's comprehensive web reputation, has recently launched its "Trusted Sites" search index. This powerful, new, online shopping tool allows consumers to search for specific product and service related keywords, just like a typical search engine. However, the similarities with other search tools end there.

While the major search engines obviously provide a valuable service, there are times when they may not meet the needs of online shoppers who care first and foremost about finding a reputable online company or business. Studies show that the number one concern people have when shopping online is trust. Even more specifically, studies reveal that the top three concerns people have when visiting a website are personal information security, company identity, and personal information privacy (in that order). However, currently, it's very difficult and time-consuming to track down all the information that exists on the web about a given company, let alone trying to decipher what it all means.

For this reason, when you search for a product or service using the new TrustReport search tool, rather than getting a list of 20 million relevant web pages, you get a small list of reputable companies and websites that sell what you're looking for, all of which have been fully certified by TrustReport in the areas of Security, Identity, and Privacy. Before deciding which site to visit or perhaps buy from, you can quickly check out each company's TrustReport profile, which provides an in-depth look into the web reputation of each business. While at the profile page, visitors can also see third party comments and ratings, browse blog and news sites for information on the company, visit other rating and review sites, see what the company itself has to say, and last but not least, participate in the live forum.

How does a company qualify to be included in this exclusive index? In order to be listed, a company must first undergo an extensive certification process for each of the top 3 critical trust factors mentioned above. TrustReport continues to monitor all certified companies to ensure they maintain their certified status for each trust factor.

With this powerful, new, search tool, TrustReport has given online shoppers a great new way to filter out all the clutter, and get what they really need a list of relevant companies and websites they can trust.

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